Fresh install N Hub 8 (29.0.0) Security & setup warnings


After fresh install NC i have this in Security & setup warnings:

There are some warnings regarding your setup.
12 warnings in the logs since 19 avril 2024, 10:40:03{“2”:12,“3”:0,“4”:0}

One of this warning is - Exception Transaction took 1.2354328632355s

What does it mean?

Thank you

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Same here! This issue is playing up since the update to version 29.0.0

It means there was a particularly long/slow database transaction. Frequent occurrences may indicate an opportunity for optimization. Though, offhand, I’m not sure why this particularly one is being logged at the WARN level rather than DEBUG (or at least INFO). It was just added in v29 so that’s why you wouldn’t have seen it previously: Performance considerations — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation

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Same here!

But the message is not “Transaction took longer than 1s:” as stated in the documentation. It is “Transaction took <x.xxxxx>s”.
It also appears in log level 2 and not only in log level 0 as documented.

The message is created in “lib/private/DB/Connection.php” under line 685 if getTransactionNestingLevel is 0.

How can I set the TransactionNestingLevel so that this message no longer appears? Even if my database is slow. It is fast enough for me and I would like to disable this message.



I have the same entries in the log. Everyday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:29 a.m. I get exactly twelve errors with times up to 65 seconds.

Same here!
My entire Client-PC crashes as soon as I open the log section of Nextcloud.
(Firefox-Browser, Ubuntu 22.04).