Fresh install and does see files

have reinstalled several times and have nextcloud running and when i transfer files to external hdd it would only bring directory and not the contents of the files , have moved the boot directory to external and still not seeing files and not responding. and do not see where the problem is . is there an issue with the software or where could the issue be . please advise thanks for your help

The main data folder is on your external drive?

You can also add “external” (in the sense external to Nextcloud’s main storage) storage to Nextcloud, which can be a local folder, external disk, network storage etc.

Which of both cases?

Well I have external drive with the os on it and that is where we started out the install and have a 8 tb external drive for storage and when the files would not show on the drive we then changed it to the storage drive the 8 tb and still have the same issue and seeing if anyone has had this issue and if so could possibly give some pointer on how to remedy this issue.


You changed the datadir afterwards, you have to do a few things:

You can then also run the occ command, if that is scanning any file…