FreeNAS - external storage - user files question

NC 21.03

FreeNAS v 11.x

We have our NC usign FreeNAS our external storage.

When my technician installed it, he found that when adding one share from the NAS, all users were using the same share and could see each others files. No privacy. Due to his findings, each time I make a new user, I need to create a new folder inside the share which some how becomes private for each user that way.

Can some one shed some light on this topic? If there is a way to simplify the process, that’d be interesting to learn about.

Thank you very much for any ideas.


Well you can make shares that can be seen by everybody. There are possibilities to create slightly different mount points by using variables →

If you have object storage, you can directly mount a remote primary storage for each user:
Not sure if similar things are easily possible with NFS. Unfortunately, the documentation for typical enterprise environments is not very good and not often used and documented by community users.