FreedomMarks: Firefox and Chrome addon for bookmarks

For those who are not aware, I’ve written a web extension for the Bookmarks app.

It works as an API client and sits on your browser toolbar. It allows to add bookmarks and search among bookmarks.

The last version is 0.1.0 and works with nextcloud 13.02 bookmarks app package v. 0.11.0.

It’s available on Firefox and Chrome store.

This is the github repo

I hope it helps. Ciao!


Hi and thank you first!

Thank you for this great work. I was looking for a bookmarks solution for OwnCloud/Nextcloud for a long time. Until now I missed:

  1. native Browser Integration (Firefox) - without Firefox Sync
  2. native iOS device Integration (Safari) - without iCloud sync

For #2 there currently seems no solution because of Apple, only iCloud sync of all bookmarks (which works great and instantly and so on, but… it’s a Public cloud). But I think you fixed my 1) problem, right? I think I‘ll give it a try.

Dear Developer(s),

this Plugin works like a charm.
Unfortunately only with Firefox (Version 60.0.1 64bit).
Chrome (Version 66.0.3359.181 64bit) refuses to set any Bookmarks,
although the settings are identical :frowning:

Any ideas to fix this?

good work! thanks.

if you only would make it international… so why not taking a peek into usage of transifex and let the world do the translations for you? :wink:

Well I don’t know, I hope so!

I don’t like sync so my addon performs just queries against Nextcloud Bookmarks API.
So far, what I enjoy the most in my addon, is the fact that I can search. Currently search is not supported by the Nextcloud Bookmarks UI.

Unfortunately there are still some things missing on the API side which are limiting the addon but some things are changing

Let me know how it works for you

yes I’ve noticed the misbehaviour with Chrome too. It’s weird: I open it, I perform a search and it works. Then I perform a second search and it doesn’t work any more.

I usually develop on Firefox (where the addon works ever on older versions than 60) and this looks to be an issue specifically connected to Chrome so I need to spend sometime debugging on it.

as soon as I understand how to support localization inside the addon I will do. However this is low priority to me: search and proper CRUD are my priorities at the moment

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The (small) issue I reported earlier can be reduced to the following:

If the URL of the NC installation is containing something like …the plugin fails to work with chrome.

If the URL of the NC installation does NOT contain a “/” the plugin works like a charm with chrome.

This only happens with Chrome; Firefox is perfectly working with both URL scenarios.

Thanks again for this nice piece of work!
Hope you can find and fix this (small) issue.

Thanks for your work.

I installed NC five months ago and use it happily since then. Just upgrade to 14.0.3 and add bookmark feature today. I have both successful and failure scenario on it. I don’t know the correct technical terms to pin point the issue so I describe them below.

Successful case
I login NC server on VM1 (jessie, firefox 52.9.0) with admin a/c daily. I create a new user a/c for freedommarks today.
I install freedommarks on VM2 (jessie, firefox 52.9.0). I apply the new user’s id & pwd on freedommarks and things work instantly.

Failure case
When I install freedommarks on VM1, apply new user’s id & pwd there, freedommarks cannot save.
I also find that I cannot login to NC as admin*** until I disable freedommarks, saying something like I have to wait for 30 seconds because too many login failure tried before. Seems that freedommarks is using vm’s ip addr / cookie (?) instead of user id to do the login.

*** seems that this is the resulting effect of NC’s “brute force settings” and freedommarks’ login

—edit 2
to work around, I use Chromium on VM1 for the admin login session, doing all the rest on FF as usual.
further edit
NC’s GUI in Chromium (Version 57.0.2987.98 Built on 8.7, running on Debian 8.11) is broken quite seriously and makes it not a viable option to me. :weary:

some updates

I install Brute-force (ip whitelist) settings from Apps and add the ip of my vm host pc to it. Besides a cleaner login screen, freedommarks is also working “but strangely” now.

I have NC logged in as admin in one FF tab.
I click the freedommarks icon, add a tag, save. Nothing happen.
I click the “My Bookmarks” link at the left bottom corner of freedommarks’ window, and get “403 forbidden”.
Once again I click the freedommarks icon, add a tag, save. It works this time as it can be verified by searching the tag on the Search tab.
Also, admin logged in session become user logged in session on the NC FF tab.

So, it is NC’s issue or freedommarks’ issue or firefox’s issue?

This is great, thank you!