FreeBSD package depends still on php5 instead of php7


it seems FreeBSD package for nextcloud still depends on old php version. Do we have the package maintainer here on forum? Is there a specific reasonf for depending on the old php, or could it be perhaps updated?

I tried to upgrade it. Removing the php5 packages deleted nextcloud along with them. Then I installed the same packages from php72. All fine, until I tried to install nextcloud. It is made dependant to php5, not just php, so it forces removing the php72 packages while installing it.

Too bad nextcloud package doesn’t just depend on php, but it forces the old version. It seems php5 starts to be a bit outdated. If no reason being on php5, it would be nice if the dependency was updated to php7.

Ilkka Tengvall

I don’t know. Did you try to reach out directly?

Not yet. I though not to bother him until I know if there are obvious reason for having old deps.

I installed from ports, so I didn’t have this problem. But have you tried installing nextcloud and then simply upgrading php?

portmaster -o lang/php72 lang/php5

I’d still install from ports, though. Install php first, then install nextcloud. Don’t forget to “make configure” before "make install"ing!

Thanks. I tried pkg install php72, which removes old php5 and nextcloud. I also removed php and nextxloud, installed php72 and tried installing nextcloud, but it removes php72 and installs back php5 due dependency. I’ll probably try ports then if the dependencies are right there

Anyhow, also the pkg dependency should get updated one day.

OK, I found freebsd pkg bugzilla and made a case. I believe that’s the right way to go. Let’s see what happens:

IMHO the maintainer for the FreeBSD port should start to support pkg flavors. In this case you can just install:

  • pkg add nextcloud-php56
  • pkg add nextcloud-php70
  • pkg add nextcloud-php71
  • pkg add nextcloud-php72

(even curious why the maintainer have changed the apps path with nextcloud 13.0.1?)

When I log into terminal to pkg upgrade all packages, I want all packages to the latest version by default. Would such flavor versioning upgrade php too? So is phpxx there considered as version number?

Otherwise update would become manual, which a bit defeats purpose. Right, or did I misunderstand?