FreeBSD, NC 28.0.3, Theming not working

Hey there,
I could really use some advice:

I’ve taken over a Nextcloud setup on a FreeBSD server and I’ve run into a snag:

The “Theming” app is supposedly installed, but I keep getting this message saying “Server version 13 or lower is required.” Weird thing is, I can’t find Theming in my list of apps, (nor in the lists active or deactivated apps). And turning the app off? Not happening.

I’m pretty stuck - in need to customize the appearance - anybody any ideas?

Thanks for reading,

The app Theming (1.4.5) is only for Nextcloud 13 (2018-2019). I have got “Theming 2.3.0” in Nextcloud 23.0.3 also with the stupid text “Server version 13 or lower is required”. The AppStore is a bit strange and you shouldn’t rely on

Where is your problem? Check https://cloud.server.tld/index.php/settings/admin/theming. Post your problems there.

Your first sentence helped.
This app seems to be installed, showed this error message: So I didn’t trust it.

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