Free host for nextcloud

I would like to host my nextcloud for free but I can’t find a website to do this.
Do you know of any?
Thank you

Do you have an installed Nextcloud and want to add new users? It is not a good idea to unknown people. You can not give real support and also there are a lot of real free Nextcloud hosters with a better service and more performance.

The best thing to do is to tell your friends and acquaintances about the advantages of Nextcloud and offer them access to your Nextcloud.

No one will host the Nextcloud software for free, but…

You can search for nextcloud providers and get a very limited account for yourself with a few gb of space. Good luck.

This should work: …If you’re willing to sell your soul to Oracle :wink: Or you could get a used PC or a Raspberry Pi and host it at home.