Fourth Beta of Nextcloud 25

I think the scrolling bug was already fixed. But yes, there was some bigger stuff going in into this beta.

Seems to work fine for me in one minimal instance as well as in my test instance with many apps installed:

@blizzz Was already taken care of the “Accessibility” app being removed upon upgrades? I mentioned that but never got around to open a bug for it, did not see it in the beta changes yet have no time to install an old instance just to be able to test. I have two stage instances to test left, but wanted to confirm first whether it has been taken care of prior to testing.

Was the instance installed as beta 4, or was this an upgrade from beta 1 → 2 → 3 to four?
My screenshots are from a version that was updated from beta 1 to 2, 3 and four.
I tested it with Chrome, Firefox and the current Safari.

The accessibility app was merged into the theming app so this is a false-positive as the app was removed but the functionality not!
(See Erscheinunbsbild und Barrierefreiheit on the left side in the settings.)

I learned that when asking after beta1 release. However, my concern is that the upgrade process should actively remove the accessibility app since if it remains, it is listed as incompatible app.

Yes, I did all upgrade steps once they got out, just as you did.

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What updater are you using?

Ouch, good point, I used my own script – which does a basic cleanup but apart from that a “copy over”. So, if it’s covered in the web updater and via occ, then you should be good. Sorry for the noise. I’ll test in one of the stage instances and report back here if I encounter an issue.

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There still are some open theming issues in beta 4, like black icons on dark gray background, even for system apps such as backup_codes:

Thanks! But I guess that most visual regressions should already be reported via Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub. However feel free to report additional if you should see more. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I had to clear the browser cache. After doing that the new theme was displayed correctly and the scrollbar was also present.


The web updater indeed deleted the accessibility app on my instance when upgrading, as designed. For the record: Migration path was 24.0.4→24.0.5RC1→25beta4

Yet, unfortunately I hit an issue trying to use the web updater: After maintenance mode got disabled by the web installer (and prior to migrations), the browser kept blank yielding error 500 in dev console. nextcloud log says:

{"reqId":"<ID>","level":3,"time":"2022-09-03T23:20:45+02:00","remoteAddr":"<IP>","user":"--","app":"PHP","method":"GET","url":"/","message":"Declaration of OCA\\Talk\\Share\\RoomShareProvider::getSharesInFolder($userId, OCP\\Files\\Folder $node, $reshares): array must be compatible with OCP\\Share\\IShareProvider::getSharesInFolder($userId, OCP\\Files\\Folder $node, $reshares, $shallow = true) at /<path>/apps/spreed/lib/Share/RoomShareProvider.php#520","userAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:104.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/104.0","version":"","data":{"app":"PHP"}}

So i disabled spreed from the console:

occ app:disable spreed

After that, reloading the web updater continued and showed the migration todo list:

However, although I have a big screen: Without reducing zoom so I could not see or access that start button – the scrollbar is missing on that page … also applies to the (same, just modified) results page (I needed to zoom to 40% to see all, yet then I couldn’t read it any more :laughing:):

When checking for Talk in /settings/apps I noticed that Talk/spreed needs to be updated to 15beta, and after updating, reloading (to get rid of “untested app” and activating it, all is good as new. I assume that after Talk 15 is released for NC24+25, it would have been updated prior to attempting to migrate, so this should go smooth then. Right?

Another question: In the stage instance that I updated using the web updater, I now saw for the first time how the design is meant to be (although I’m pretty sure that beta4 is quite unfinished in that respect):


Here, the background is shown behind the top bar icons (and transparent behind the app categories, yet non-transparent in the files app). Not so in my test instance that I upgraded manually (following the steps in docs):

To be sure, I re-loaded the flame bg image ① now (after the update), cleared bowser cache and shift-reloaded the page. No change: Still the nasa earch/moon image ② is in the back. That space picture is set as background in the dashboard (only) and should not be used in settings! After quite some experimenting, I noticed that any newly loaded (and shown!) background image is only permanently saved after any other field in that dialog (like “Slogan”) is changed.

Completely independent of the background issue: While screenshotting, I got a notification request of “Nextcloud GmbH” (linking to in that test instance (red dot on the bell of this, I accepted it) ③. Clicking on that Link redirects to Contact - Nextcloud

Is that link to the contact page on purpose? What the heck?

Talk (and other apps) should be upgraded to the fitting versions if available during the server upgrade

Is the list of critical changes frozen? If not, when will it be? Is there a general rule? Are these all relevant places?

Dev manual “Upgrade to 25”Critical changes for Nextcloud 25New theming

It’s freezing slowly, with the RC it should be definite.

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Notification area → “Nextcloud GmbH”

This is addressed in beta5.

I just had the same problem upgrading from 24.0.6 to 25.0 RC3

same solution fixed it
occ app:disable spreed