FOSDEM »Decentralised Internet« devroom – let’s give a talk!

The accepted developer rooms for FOSDEM have been announced:

There’s a »Decentralised Internet« room where we should give a talk. :slight_smile: @bjoern @frank @jospoortvliet on federated sharing, federated cloud and plans for the future? There will probably also be other projects to collaborate with, similar as we did with Pydio.

(I’ll also give a talk on Design at Nextcloud in the Open Source Design room. :slight_smile: )


Great, I will submit a talk as soon as the CfP started.

Btw, do we want to have a booth there as well?

I really hope so :slight_smile: I’m sure this will make a good impression to the people/projects there.
And I really need a sticker for my laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

So we HAVE a booth and it’ll be awesome :wink:

@LEDfan you are hereby volunteered to help out :wink: