FOSDEM 2019 - who's up for it?


Hi all!

We’re submitted a booth request for FOSDEM 2019 and of course, we plan to rock even harder than last year!

In 2018, we had more than a dozen people staffing our booth, welcoming thousands of people, receiving lots of thank-you’s on behalf of our amazing community and answering visitor questions like

“what’s awesome about Nextcloud”
“what is coming in the next/latest release”
“where is my Favorite Feature X”

Of course we also will have “WHO OWNS YOUR DATA?” stickers and nice posters as well as t-shirts!

Now we want to gear up again for February and of course, first step: get a team together!

I’ll be there for sure and @frank is also coming. @jan and @bjoern will be there for sure, too. How about you?

Nextcloud Near You!

Me me, pick me…(shrek donkey sound!!!)
Let me know what you need.


I’ll be there again, and would love to help again at the booth :smile:


@jonatoni @Xh3n1 @Silva.Arapi @DenisaR will you be at FOSDEM? :slight_smile: Would be great to have you at the booth!

Sorry for the late ping, we wanted to try and settle travel support today - pls sent in support requests to asap, Monday latest, with estimation of travel and hotel costs!!!


Anybody else there? I think about getting a last minute ticket to Brussels…