FOSDEM 2019 - who's up for it?

Hi all!

We’re submitted a booth request for FOSDEM 2019 and of course, we plan to rock even harder than last year!

In 2018, we had more than a dozen people staffing our booth, welcoming thousands of people, receiving lots of thank-you’s on behalf of our amazing community and answering visitor questions like

“what’s awesome about Nextcloud”
“what is coming in the next/latest release”
“where is my Favorite Feature X”

Of course we also will have “WHO OWNS YOUR DATA?” stickers and nice posters as well as t-shirts!

Now we want to gear up again for February and of course, first step: get a team together!

I’ll be there for sure and @frank is also coming. @jan and @bjoern will be there for sure, too. How about you?


Me me, pick me…(shrek donkey sound!!!)
Let me know what you need.

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I’ll be there again, and would love to help again at the booth :smile:

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@jonatoni @Xh3n1 @Silva.Arapi @DenisaR will you be at FOSDEM? :slight_smile: Would be great to have you at the booth!

Sorry for the late ping, we wanted to try and settle travel support today - pls sent in support requests to asap, Monday latest, with estimation of travel and hotel costs!!!


Anybody else there? I think about getting a last minute ticket to Brussels…