FOSDEM 2018 is coming, will you be there?


Hi all!

Great news! We’ve been accepted for a booth at FOSDEM 2018 and of course, we plan to rock even harder than last year!

In 2017, we had more than a dozen people staffing our booth, welcoming thousands of people, receiving lots of thank-you’s on behalf of our amazing community and answering visitor questions like

“what’s awesome about Nextcloud”
“what is coming in the next/latest release”
“where is my Favorite Feature X”

Now we want to gear up again for February 3 and 4 and of course, first step: get a team together!

I’ll be there for sure and I’m fairly certain we’d have to lock him up to prevent @frank from coming. @jan and @bjoern will be there for sure, too. How about you?


@jonatoni @Xh3n1 @juliushaertl @Silva.Arapi @DenisaR will you be at FOSDEM? :slight_smile: Would be great to have you at the booth! (If you would need travel funding to attend I’m sure @jospoortvliet can do something :slight_smile:)


Yes, for sure I’ll bere there and will help at the booth. Count me in :wink:


I would be very happy to help out at the booth too :slight_smile: .


@jospoortvliet @jan


Awesome news. I will be there with @iosifidis !!!

Nextcloud Events the coming weeks
Nextcloud will rock FOSDEM - are you ready for it, too?

Nextcloud has a booth at FOSDEM, wanna help out?

I’ll be at FOSDEM again this year. Just like last year I’d like to help at the booth :smile:.

I think I’ll probably stay the whole Saturday at the booth and follow some talks on Sunday (since there are much less people then). But if it turns out there is some help needed on Sunday too, that’s also fine.

@jospoortvliet maybe we should have some poster or something like that to remind people about on Sunday?


I’ll be here like last year :slight_smile:


I’ll also be there. See you soon :slight_smile:


This is gonna be quite the party :smiley: :balloon: :tada: