Forum - Uploading profile image doesn't work

Uploading profile image doesn’t work here in the nextcloud forums for some reason.
Note we are talking this forum not the nextcloud product/server.

@admins - maybe look into this?

Kind regards.

The forum has been having some hickups for me for a few weeks now. I get 401 errors every now and then. Profile pictures or images in general load slowly or not at all. Notifications are not updated etc… Maybe they should switch to the next higher hosting plan or use a CDN. I think the site is simply at the limit in terms of the number of connections and requests it can handle. But I’m just guessing. I’m not an expert when it comes to hosting sites with that many requests like this forum has.

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I am just chatting with people from GmbH to fix mentioned issues.


Thanks for taking action @rakekniven :+1:

Please retry. I could reproduce the missing avatars, and should be fixed now. I also do not have problems to upload new avatar pictures now.

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It is still hanging on 100% for a very time when uploading.
So it is working finally, but it is not prefect. it takes 1-2 minutes before it is complete which of course is sort of annoying.

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Discourse may take a little to warm up (whatever it is doing there in fact…).

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