Forum tutorial badges

Hey, I recognized that there are at least two more badges about forum tutorials one can absolve:
Is there a way to repeat them, even that the user is already at a stage where they do not show up anymore/somehow?

Would be also an idea to let them just pop up for all users that did not yet have the badges, depending on what information they contain. But who knows what secret magic tricks I missed so far :smiley:.

€: @jospoortvliet any idea?

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I… have no idea about the badges. They are awarded automatically by Discourse… I have looked at the logic in the past but it doesn’t seem I can change it. At least I could add badges but we’d have to award those manually.

For me the badges are not that important, the task to review and add them manually is of course not practical. I am more interested in the tutorials behind them, not only for me. But yeah if there is no kind of automation possible to promp them for peope, the priority is too low to start some action about it.

Thanks for having a look :slight_smile:.

Dang, i figured it out :sunglasses:

Goto Messages -> New Message
To: @discobot
Subject: anything you like

@discobot display help (for displaying help) or
@discobot start new user (to start the new user tutorial)

found here:


Hmmm, seems one cannot finish the Advanced tutorial, since a user cannot undelete a withdrawn post, which is one of the tasks to take. Since the Badge has not been given a single time, i assume thats not just me.

I´m just curious, and tried to get as many badges as possible,… so this is not from pressing importance, but just to let you know.

Thanks for find! I am wondering if new users get a link/redirection to this bot. Just showing this within the badges page is a bid too hidden for me, I mean I guess most will never visit the full badges page, where they can also see badges they did not yet gather.
Because the information by this is here and there quite helpful, e.g. hiding details for longer copy&pastes or to give howtos a better overview. But yeah, user will find out most stuff by themself, too.

I was able to finish the advanced badge by just undeleting the post, that I deleted by myself just before. Jep the one, created by the bot, cannot be undeleted, which is a bid confusing :wink:.

€: The bot is talking about a dark theme? Never found that, but would love it!

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I think Dark theme must be enabled by an admin:

And, yeah, i did miss that undelete thingy, so you beat me to the Badge. :man_facepalming: Thanks anyway :wink:

The Bot sends you a message at the very beginning. My problem was, i could not scroll down to the first messages, so i couldnt find it anymore.

People must find this thread in order to know how to talk to the @discobot if they missed it in the first place.


My eyes are burning :fire:, it’s to bright! :sunny::dark_sunglasses:

  • Dark theme is needed!
  • Light theme is enough!

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