Forum: Registration Email to GMail lost?

I registered with email (GMail address) and password, but I got no confirmation email. Later I registered with GitHub, which worked flawlessly.

Maybe your email provider does not work with GMail anymore? (T-Online said so for their mail servers because of SPAM)

If registration with GMail is broken, please say so on your registration page!

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we need to investigate this problem, I guess. So far we dunno about any problems

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I just registered a new account for me using gmail and it worked like a charm.

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Did you check your spam folder? The filtering could be user specific.

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i am not sure if that’s needed… When I was just registering here Google apparently proved me correct as an existing user (checked emailaddress and password). And Google-System sent me an internal email that a new client was registered.

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Yes, I did check my SPAM folder (now again) and did not receive any email.

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I did not register with Google

I registered with email and password. My email address is a GMail address and I did not recieve a confimation email.

awww I see. My bad.

And so I just tried to directly register with one of my gmail-emails and it again worked like a flaw. i received the conformation email almost immediately and it didn’t go into my spam.

I just sent registration email anew… did it find it’s way into your email-account?

Thank you for your help! This is highly appreciated!

No I did not get any mail, not my first, not my own second try and unfortunately not your email :frowning_face:

btw. I get about 50 email from European and US-America companies per day…

well i think I could active your account just without that emailaddress… if it’s important for you

Thanks again.
I registered with Github successfully, so it an inconvenience for me to have lost my username “" (I’m only “*******1” here) but others might suffer if they try with a GMail address and get stuck (but it worked for you…)
May be you could remove "” from the waiting users and change my username to “*******” (I have ******* in GitHub in that account I registered with the forum!)

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i’ve deleted your first account… try renaming your account here yourself… that shouldn’t cause any problems.

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Thank you very much!