Forum App for Nextcloud?


Hallo, ist there something like a forum app available for nextcloud?
Something for user communication inside nextcloud?



You have a chat app but not a forum, as far as I know. Take a look of available apps here:


Since question and answer were posted a little over a year ago, let me ask again:

  • Is there a forum app for Nextcloud?
  • If not, is there a plan, intent, … to create one?



I think that the quick answers are:

  • No, there is no such app
  • No, I do not think that there is a plan to create one

Consider that I am not a developer so I could miss some information.
Yet there are several good forum tools, even open source ones like Discourse (this forum is powered by it).

If you detail your needs you could get a better answer.

Maybe the circles app could solve some of your needs, or the chat app.

Maybe you could ask some information on how to have a single login shared between a Nextcloud installation and a Discourse one.

Maybe the integration between Nextcloud and Moodle could be the right answer for you…


Thanks for providing a good number of choices, Spartachetto. Having taken just a quick look, Discourse looks like a good choice for us.


Glad I’ve helped


There is a Discourse SSO app for Nextcloud, which is linked here.


I tried this, but it seems to be very heavy. Just the install/rebuild process worries me.

Nextcloud seems to be the only good free solution for groupware, but the lack of a forum feature just kills it. Is there nothing in the works?


Do you have any ideas on how Nextcloud could better integrate with forums
using the available apps via feature requests? I haven’t tried Nextcloud
Talk/Spreed or Chat apps yet, but I would love to be able to access this
forum via my Nextcloud instance and feel it was more integrated.


Are you talking about this forum in particular? I mean having your own discussion board on your nextcloud instance.

But for the existing apps? Circles would be an obvious integration, and being able to “attach” files from your nextcloud drive would be integral.


I support the proposal