Forms Question in 2 Dimensions

Hi all,
at first: i am very happy with the newest version of forms: all answers could written in calculationsheet at any place in the NC… GREAT!!! :slight_smile:

The last problem i have: i need a “Kästchenraster” in forms (i am sorry, there is no english description that i know…)

To explain it: in Google Workspace i have a question with answers in 2 Dimensions: Rows and Column

The Column are: Name >> present >> absent >> excused
The Rows are all Names and three Checkboxes

Name >> present >> absent >> excused
Paul [ ] [ ] [ ]
Karl [ ] [ ] [ ]
and so on

Is there a way to do that actually?

Or shoult i write a feature request on git?


Thank you :slight_smile: Regarding your “Kästchenraster” there is already a tracked feature request on Github.

Issues · nextcloud/forms (

But I don’t know when this will be available in Forms.


Thanks for the link. Is there a way to vote for this issue @ github.


Yes, sure, just react with :+1:t2: to the original post in the linked issue.