Forms is a joke, is there a way to get a better alternative linked to Nextcloud

There are several good open source alternatives to Google forms. I don’t know what the use case for Nextcloud forms is, but for nearly any use I would have, it’s quite limited. No spam protection, bad UI, very limited options for creation and handling of forms.

YakForms seems like a good option for simple forms, LimeSurvey as a good option for more advanced use cases. Are there any plans to add either of those as apps for Nextcloud?

You have it integrated in Nextcloud. For some it might be already good enough.

They have an agenda for future versions:

so you can see what will be available next. And if you or others contribute, it will be faster.

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@audun As I already replied on your comment on Github regarding the spam protection, you’re of course more than welcome to contribute to Forms and help improve it. :slight_smile:

Just ranting about some open source project won’t help anyone. So please keep your feedback constructive by for example filing bug reports, adding feature requests or start coding.


Sorry for not being constructive, but there’s a very huge gap between what is advertised by Nextcloud, the company, and the product. Nextcloud Forms is very far from being a replacement for Google or Microsoft forms, despite beeing advertised as such.

I’m a user, not a developer. Adding support for already existing open source alternatives to Google/Microsoft forms would deliver on the promise, rather than having to wait several years for basic functionality like spam protection (the GitHub issue is already three years old) to be implemented.

Are you paying for Nextcloud or this specific app? Or have you otherwise entered into a contract with someone who has promised you that the app is a 1:1 replacement for Google Forms or other commercial offers?

No? Then, seriously, just chill and don’t use it if it doesn’t meet your requirements.


I’m not only collaborating on the Forms app but also use it for various scenarios and didn’t face any “real” problem with the current version. So to understand you better, it totally makes sense that you try to explain more which features you’re missing. Please use the :+1: reaction on issues/feature requests on Github that already exist or file new ones if there’s no matching issue there.

This way we can also see which features/problems are the most important to be fixed.

Btw currently we only have two to three active developers on this app, so we can’t of course implement every feature requests as quickly as we would like to.