Forms app update loose history

I have update the forms app and I loose all the existing forms.
I just found a log warning message “Answer-text is too long for new Database:”.
I saw that the new forms add new database tables and do a migration from the old one and I can find my old datas. So I try to delete the new version and manually install the v1.1.1, my forms came back on my instance, but there is and error on accessing due to oc_forms_notif table not found.

How can I get my forms back?


hey @tarradmac

welcome to the forum and thanks for your first contribution here.

i think you discovered a possibily unwanted behaviour, a so-called bug. so would you please file an issue under (please make sure that your problem wasn’t posted there before)

and then it would be great if you would re-link your issue here as answer

AS @JimmyKater suggest me I have created an issue on github.

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