Forms App results updating automatically

Hi people,
personally I´d like to use the Forms app to submit may spendings throughout the day to have an overview on my financials.
Currently I use Google Forms for that as there is an always updated list of the responses/results stored in my Google Drive from which I can create pivot tables, analysis etc. all while always staying up-to-date with my most recent form entries.

Is there a way to interact with the data from the Forms app in a similar way - having a csv somewhere in my Nextcloud files that is constantly updated automatically?

Having to download the csv from Form app regularly is just not a good approach for me :frowning:.
Thanks for your feedback!

Hi @Chrisreiert

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: this feature is currently in development, you can track the progress over on Github.

Then please- add also the possibility to create a PDF which can be downloaded for each persons answer.
I would like to use the app for anamese queries. This can be done pseudonymously via generated codes that people have to enter first and then answer all questions.
I would then only have to be able to store each answer set individually, e.g. as a PDF, for the respective person with their number.