Forms 4.2.3 & Nextcloud 28.0.4 -- Error: This app cannot be enabled because it makes the server unstable

Hi there, I’m trying to use the current latest version of Forms (4.2.3) with the current latest Nextcloud (28.0.4). In the Apps UI, I get the error noted in the topic. Attempting to remove/reinstall via OCC allows me to enable the app, but the Forms configuration screen in Adminstration settings is blank, and the Forms application is also blank.

Is there some kind of incompatibility that I’m running into that isn’t readily apparent? I did a quick search of the open & closed github issues and I didn’t see anything. Any help would be appreciated.

systemctl restart apache2; systemctl restart php8.3-fpm

same issue, I’m using docker version 28.04

Did restarting the server processes help? Did you try to update the app from an earlier version or was it the first time you wanted to install the app?

This is pretty sure a configuration error of your Nextcloud instance.
This error does (mostly) not happen because of forms.

I suspect you are using a reverse proxy but forgot to configure to rewrite redirects? E.g. you use NGinx as a reverse proxy with proxy_pass but use variables in the parameter and you do not have proxy_redirect.

See also this issue report for more information:

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This was the first time installing the app.

I am indeed behind two nginx proxies - one at my router (opnsense) and one on the instance itself (latest mainline nginx, php8.2-fpm).

Yes, noted in a previous response, I am behind two nginx reverse proxies - one at my opnsense router, one on the VM hosting NC (latest mainline nginx w/ php8.2-fpm). I’ll look into this github ticket and see what, if anything, is misconfigured in my setup.

The solution ended up being updating my nextcloud nginx configuration with the one in the documentation. Mine was fairly out of date and the mjs support didn’t exist. I am still getting the Admin console error about mjs, but I’m not sure what to do about that at this point - the forms admin page works, and the forms page works. I added mjs support in the upstream nginx opnsense configuration manually (via shell) and I added it to nginx mime types in the nextcloud host but still seeing the error - BUT - forms works now.