Forms 4.2.0 released ๐Ÿš€

We have just released v4.2.2 of your favorite Forms app presenting you some cool new features! :sparkles:

Whatโ€™s new in Forms 4.2.0?

:one: :fast_forward: Performance: Only forms shared with user are fetched from the database.

:two: :globe_with_meridians: It is now possible to embed your forms into other websites!

:three: :card_file_box: It is now possible to archive forms - archived forms can no longer be modified or answered. They are also not listed in the navigation anymore but in the archive section. Of course you can un-archive them if you like.

:four: :lock: Forms can now be manually closed.

Besides those new features :sparkles: we also included many bug fixes :bug:, updated translations :speaking_head: and dependencies.

You can find the full changelog over on Github

Check it out on the app store and as always feel free to help improving it by reporting any issues you encounter, help translating it on Transifex or contribute on GitHub.

Hint: We directly published 4.2.2 as a bugfix for 4.2.0

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We found two more bugs and are currently preparing a 4.2.3 release. So if you didnโ€™t update by now, you probably should wait a little longerโ€ฆ

4.2.3 is out now and fixes two more bugs