Form submissions saved to nextcloud?

Hey everyone!

Is there a way to collect data via a form and automatically dump the submissions to a csv or ods in my nextcloud? I have a wordpress website where I could use ninjaforms, but from what I understand, export cannot be automated…(?) The functionality I am looking for is similar to google forms.

Similar but different question: Is there a way to collect contact information via a form and automatically create a contact in the contacts app for every submission?

Thank you!

Look into Contact Form 7. I’ve used Flamingo to output form data as CSV.

For professional / business use you cannot go wrong with Gravity Forms, which is $$, but also the best contact form plugin available for Wordpress. Includes support for Webhooks in the elite edition.

@alexanderdd I was wondering if you ever completed this requirement.

I have a Gravity form and I want to auto export the PDF into our Nextcloud.

My issue is slightly different in that at the end of my gravity form it creates a PDF which just sits in Wordpress at the moment, Can it be sent via webdav API or something to Nextclud instance?



@Col no I don’t have updates. Still looking for a google forms alternative that I can use with nextcloud.

Thanks @alexanderdd

I will let you know if I come up with anything on this front.


Just linking…

Yes the forms app is making good progress, and has better usability than polls app.

The csv can be downloaded manually from forms app. Looking for a way to automatically save it and update the csv in my Nextcloud folder structure…