Form login won't appear on Chrome or Opera


Immediately after installation, the login form for my NextCloud only appears on Microsoft Edge and on the Internet Exporer.

If I am on Opera or on Google Chrome the form is invisible.

Do you know how to fix this problem?

Google Chrome / Opera :

Microsoft Ege / Internet Explorer :

Got the same problem.
After installation, login form only displayed in Edge, not showing in Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.

Nextcloud version: 17.0.2
Kubernetes cluster
Ingress Nginx


Have tried to reinstall using nextcloud 16 --> same problem
nextcloud 15 --> login form displayed, but cannot login, except using Edge browser

Anybody has the idea?

Found the problem.
I am using Cloudflare in front of my server, and Cloudflare setTransfer-Encoding value
in header to ‘chunked’. There is no way to revert back this cloudflare configuration.

I expose my server direct to internet without cloudflare, and the problem is gone.