Forgot password to login via SSH

I tried logging in to SSH to fix the maintenance mode error, but I don’t know my root password. Tried ownyourbits and 1234 on rock64. Did not work. Any ideas?
If running ncp Armbian try root/1234

Can you access the user “ncp” through ssh? Then you can perhaps use “sudo -s” for switch to root and then change the root-password.
Can you access the web-gui on port 4443? Then you can perhaps find something for the user root in the settings. Sorry i do not use the image from ownyourbits and can not test it.

Tried that. No go.

I was able to use the ncp account through the webGUI. THANK goodness, I had saved the long password to a notepad. I had not been able to access the webGUI using the domain name. Typed in the IP and voila! Set a new password for the root user in SSH and BAM! I’m in!

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