Forget admin password

I can ssh into my docker snap and do the above. But cannot remember my web account password. Is there a way to save my data, but start a new frontend? Please,.

If you have enabled End-to-End Encryption in the passwords app, there is no way to bypass the encryption.

I don’t have end to end encryption yet. As I only have it on my internal network and still learning. But have put family photos and videos on it. I can ssh in to it. But can’t remember login details. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Then you’re wrong here.
This thread is about the passwords app for Nextcloud, a password manager.

You need to go here: Resetting a lost admin password — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation


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sudo: php: command not found

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ

Trying to install php now.

Kubenette docker probably.

There is no such thing as docker snap. Docker and snap are fundamentally different from one another.
Broke out this conversation since it had nothing to do with the other thread. :heart:

Thank you, Just for breaking it out. So I have the server run on Ubuntu. Nextcloud is in a directory call snap. I never got it encrypted yet. As I only use it at home to store files. Ubuntu is vm on TrueNAS but that doesn’t matter.

I located the password, so fixed, thank you.