Force set to download as zip instead of tar (Mac)

At the moment, bulk downloading of files on Windows is in the zip-format (which is normal) and in tar-format on Mac OS (which is very confusing)

Is it possible to set zip format for all platforms and user-agents?


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There is/was a problem with zip files in MacOS which can’t open the zip files created by Nextcloud. It works though with 3rd party software on Mac. Because of this lacking support, the archives are tars by default which can be opened without issues (it took from Owncloud 7 to Owncloud 8.2 to fix this issue

I am facing issue on MAC for tar files. Those are not extracting. Please see attached files.!AtpcCFPKQL-3hd9oLB8enTdK_trXsg?e=ZiRwtZ!AtpcCFPKQL-3hd9pH8v1BPfBzIljDw?e=aTDg2l

How can I forcefully keep zip format only regardless of any machine?