Force client to synchronize

Is there any way to make the client retrieve the entire file list from the server and compare it with the local structure? And synchronize missing data from the server to the client?


I had a connection loss between the Nextcloud server and the NAS, the Nextcloud data directory is mounted from the NAS. Since that time, some files were missing from the Nextcloud database (but not all, only single folders were shown empty), although they are still present in the file system.

I have now done a file scan, and now see all the data back in the web GUI.

However, the clients do not sync them. The Nextcloud client (Windows) says everything is synced, which is not true. Locally, some folders are empty that actually have content. When I look in the client’s account settings, I see the folders all including correct sizes. However, in Windows Explorer they are still without content.

I have already tried:

  • paused and restarted synchronization
  • restarted the client

If I resynchronize everything, I would discard about 200 GB of data (× 4 clients) that is already local. Afterwards these would have to be resynchronized, which would take an unnecessarily long time. Therefore I am looking for a more comfortable way.

I have the same issue here. After an update the group folder feature was briefly disabled, which has caused all clients to go into a weird state that is only resolvable so far by completely resynchronizing. All the files are still on the server after restoring the group folder feature, but I cant seem to find a way to bring the nextcloud client into a good state without a full resync