Folders do not sync with desktop client?

Nextcloud version 20.0.3
Ubuntu 20.04
4cpu, 8gb ram
PHP version 7.4.3

Screenshot 1:



Another out of sync folder(not shared):

I have a shared folder with pictures that wont sync to the windows client.
My nextcloud files are encrypted just in case that matters as i am getting the permission denied errors…
I tried unchecking and rechecking the folder in the sync options to no avail.

The second folder not syncing is the one nextcloud uses for the automatic uploads of pictures from my phone. I get the pictures uploaded to nextcloud when i charge my phone, but those files are not reaching the desktop client with the folder checked and everything.
Is this a normal behavior of nextcloud or where can i check to fix this?

Thank you

Unfortunately I cannot see any of your screenshots.

Have you checked the log file of your client?

Which version of the client you are using?

Thank you rakekniven.
You may safely click on the “Screenshot” links autogenerated by this board when i paste the links to the images. Lightshot is a reputable image hosting site

Could you please see my questions?

Still same issue:
Now i switched to a fresh Nextcloud installation on a different server.
I uninstalled the local Nextcloud windows client and removed any old remnants from the %appdata% folders.

Now running:
Nextcloud 20.0.4
PHP 7.4.14
Ubuntu 20.04 up to date. 4 Cores 8GB Ram
Nextcloud windows 10 desktop client 3.1.1
Android Client app 3.14.1
Google Pixel 3

There is an option to create a “debug archive” file with the logs but there is nothing there with “error” or “access denied”… most entries are like this:
debug nextcloud.gui.systray ] [ OCC::Systray::computeWindowPosition ]: debug nextcloud.sync.cookiejar ] [ OCC::CookieJar::cookiesForUrl ]: debug nextcloud.sync.database.sql ] [ OCC::SqlQuery::exec ]:

also in the log file here: \AppData\Roaming\Nextcloud\logs

There is no reference whatsoever to any of the files in the screenshot in those log files

Again, i enabled the automatic (any new) picture uploading when the phone is plugged to charge. The app was able to upload the pictures to my server, then my windows client was able to sync the folder and sub folders, but not the pictures inside, as shown in the screenshot.

I did not set any local folder restrictions on my windows machine, and i am the admin with full access using the default settings during the nextcloud installation. Nextcloud is able to sync the whole server without any sync issues and it works both ways, it is just the folder with the automatically uploaded pictures that is not working.
windows client:

Hope that clears all up!
Thanks guys