Folder view for users other than admin

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Other users do not see the file system we have set up. As an admin, I have set up folders for others to access the topics they need, but when they log on, they see a different view of other, sub-folders, which have been shared with them. How can we set it up so all can see the initial folder set up?

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Every user has their own file system. When you share folders each separate share will appear in the root of the users’ document tree.

Thank you…how would I set up a tree that has folders aligned for easy use by each user, with main headings at front?

Sorry, I don’t really understand the question…

Maybe this helps: any share shows up in the ‘root’ for users, you can’t control where they end up.

You’d have to create a folder structure and share the root of that if you want a specific tree structure.