Folder not shared to everyone in LDAP group


I have the following problem. When sharing a folder with an LDAP group not all members can see the folder afterwards.

The log is full of error messages:

The system is quite complex. There are two Nexcloud-Server (19.02) behind a haproxy. Database and Data directory an on two seperate VMs.

Any ideas where I could start searching for the error?

Perhaps you can search in the database the user, groups and user-to-groups-connections.
Then perhaps you find the differences and the error.

A little bit like this (sorry owncloud):

Thank you. Unfortunately there is no real solution. I searched around in the last few days, and found this:

I made a quick search on the database and found out that of 26K entries in the table oc_shares, there are 17K with accepted = 0 (and shared_with not NULL). Is this the core of the problem? Would it be harmful if I set all of them to 1?

Also it seems like some users are affected more often. I grep’ed for “shared mount” in the nextcloud log and counted the users:

624 "user":"711a0214-f56e-4361-a9d1-a67ea7e90fa0"
171 "user":"801cfde9-fe37-485b-b6ae-30b59c745511"
 55 "user":"9ba46978-09c2-40d2-9ddd-07b917694041"
  4 "user":"a70d3cfc-eadb-4043-a3be-caee8b703ea0"
  6 "user":"b27b6409-6631-40b0-9655-159dc490c392"
241 "user":"bb0fa050-0027-4ded-a76a-28e187dc9cb5"

It’s quite URGENT to fix the problem! I have those entries every minute.