Folder move deleted

PROBLEM - User moved a shared Nextcloud folder into a non-shared organization folder at the root of the Nextcloud share. (e.g. - moved “Project 1” from root to a folder named “My Projects”. We do this all the time but this time the files were deleted from the Nextcloud server and from all computers who were also sharing that folder. The server logs show that the end user deleted the files and they have been removed from the server and are not available for recovery in Deleted Items.

??? How do I troubleshoot what happened ???


  • macOS version - 10.12.5
  • Nextcloud Mac client version - 2.2.4 (build 1)
  • Nextcloud server version - 11.0.3
  • Original Folder size - 8.4 gigabytes

Standard behaviour in Nextcloud. Recommend to file a detailed report in the github issue tracker!

Thanks. I created a github issue -