Folder in federation is not displayed


I have two nextcloud instances:

Nextcloud A: Version 28.0.3 and
Nextcloud B: Also Version 28.0.3

I have installed the app Federation and I share the link from NC A to NC B.
Also I see the invite in NC B and I accept the invite, but no folder from NC A is displayed in NC B.

How can I find the error?

Thank you!

Can you post more details e.g. screenshots and logs? Normally the user on Nextcloud B can see the folder in Files. For federated sharing you can also share a public share and the other person can add it the public share in the top right to his account. Can you also test that?


here my screenshots:
(1) On Nextcloud A: I share the folder “FC_Dokumente” with the User “admin” on Nextcloud B

(2) On my Nextcloud B I see the invite:

(3) I click on “Accept” and no folder “FC_Dokumente” is displayed:

There are also no entries in the Log: