Folder Icon for Desktop-Client (Windows7) and linux

I miss the Folder Icon on my windows installation. Using the latest Nextcloud-Desktop-Client. I made me one via copy and paste. Maybe someone is able to integrate it to the setup of the client?

Screenshot (As example):

The iconfile can be downloaded from here:

Below are Folder-Icons for Linux:


I agree, this would make the client a little more beautiful inside windows :slight_smile: . For me it would be also okay to just use the icon of the nextcloud.exe.

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I would really like this neat feature!

What i did to activate the icon from above (2. link):

  • Right click on the Nextcloud-folder and select “Properties”
  • Tab “Customize” select the new icon-file
  • OK to activate it

Also the overlay (green checkmark) is still working

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I’d also like to see this implemented in the client. :slight_smile:

Just made a first try to make a icon for Linux Mint Cinnamon:

And here my try for Linux Mint-Y (Default since LM19)