Folder data shared multiple times


I’m relatively new to nextcloud and I’m currently setting up a system to be used by my colleagues as a collaborative working space. I’m currently using version 20.0.2.

I’ve created a folder hierarchy and a set of groups. I’d like to be able share different parts of the folder structure with different groups. My structure is as follows :

Folder work (group work)
------ Folder A (group A)
------ Folder B (group B)

When these folders are shared with someone that is in groups work, A and B - in their workspace they get the folders work, A and B, rather than just ‘work’. They get the same information shared in their workspace multiple times. This starts looking a little messy when there are lots of folders.

Is there any way to share so that only the top level folder ‘work’ is shared?

Thanks in advance.