FLOW: Filter "File name": Are there wildcards?

I am using Nextcloud 18.0.7 and would like to use FLOW for automated tagging of Android signal backups.
All these files have the name signal-2020-08-19.backup ->Signal-date.backup
Sadly, the filter “File name” only supports “Is” and “is not”.

It is possible to use wildcards for the filter “File name”?
I tried signal-202*.backup and signal*.backup as names.
Both have been accepted but do not tag any file with that name.

It looks like nc20 finally will fix this.
The flow app “Files automated tagging” now supports also “matches”.
Looks like PHP regular expressions, but documentation is not updated.

The following flow works:
file name matches /(signal-20)/
file name matches /\.backup/

Thanks, developers.
Now flow starts to be usable.