Flow / File Access Control: no support neither here nor on github?


File Access Control is a ‘Featured’ application on NC. What ‘Featured’ means is not that clear at that point.

I’ve been trying to get some support here and on github since mid july and did not get even a simple aknowledgement.

I perfectly know this is Open Source, and support is for free and so on. But 3 month is getting long now.

Is it that the app is dead and there’s nothing to expect from the devs to correct remaining bugs?

‘Featured’ you say? Featured for what, actually?

There is a list of featured apps: https://apps.nextcloud.com/featured

From the list, I’d guess you can have enterprise support as a feature for these apps.

I suppose that this is a very interesting feature for companies. For enterprise support, they have different platform, there might be more an better information.
This doesn’t mean we can share experiences, improve guides etc., even improve the code of the app.