Flow Deleted Files - but not to trash


first of all i would like to say thanks for the great work of NextCloud - and i Know that the problem is done by me and i dont want to blame or so.

I hade a wrong konfigured flow with the option for deleting files - so it happend that from one Usergroup all files got deleted :frowning: by my mistake! What’s driving me crazy is that the delte has been synced to the Clients so the data is lost on Server + Client - also that is finne i know. But one une User all the deleted Files are located as i would expect in the trash folder - but one important user is missing Files wich all are not located at the trash. Has anyone got a idear how this happend and why? i am Running NC 25 on docker…

and yes i know backup … :worried:

unfortunately nothing to add.

Depending on your system and config you might have a chance to safe the files from client who synced all files but have been offline while the issue happened… if the files are worth and your server is running magnetic disks you could take them offline and look for data recovery service - but this works only for HDD without encryption… no chance with SSD :bomb:

Ya i had bad luck on the client side it syncd and ist on ssd - but the serverside was HDD and i could recover a lot of the files - not in the original path but from RAW files … the question ist still why the data did not go to trash … I dont geht that … - ya and btw. backup is running now :wink:

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