Flow addons are missing

Hello everyone!
Trying to setup my first nextcloud installation and in the flow panel, I cannot activate the “send an email” flow (I don’t have the option). What I want to do is create a flow to send an email when a file is uploaded.
Also, there is no button after the flows (like I see in screenshots" that says “add more flows”, maybe is removed in later versions?

Any ideas regarding the email?

Nextcloud version _(eg, 21.0.1)
Operating system and version Ubuntu 20.04

found about "add more flows)-in case anyone else is wondering, is on button “flow”, in settings, on the bottom the screen (2nd flow button, on the same screen…).

Regarding the “send new mail” flow, is it some kind of state secret? Because I’ve seen other posts asking as well and they’ve never got an answer too…