Fixing errors in log file

Hi All,
I seem to have a few errors in my log lately so I have started to go through them to try and determine the cause of these to have a cleaner instance and ensure I don’t run into any bigger issues down the line. Iv fixed a few so far but there are a few left that seems app related, I just wanted to see if anyone else was getting these or is able to assist or if I just need to reach out to the specific apps for some assistance.
The few errors I have left are:

  1. Exception: Argument 1 passed to OCA\Text\Service\DocumentService::getFileForSession() must be an instance of OCA\Text\Db\Session, bool given, called in /snap/nextcloud/21521/htdocs/apps/text/lib/Service/ApiService.php on line 160

  2. Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at /snap/nextcloud/21521/htdocs/apps/serverinfo/lib/Os.php#155
    Undefined variable: result at /snap/nextcloud/21521/htdocs/apps/serverinfo/lib/OperatingSystems/DefaultOs.php#173

  3. Undefined variable: result at /snap/nextcloud/21521/htdocs/apps/serverinfo/lib/OperatingSystems/DefaultOs.php#173

  4. nvalid argument supplied for foreach() at /snap/nextcloud/21521/htdocs/apps/serverinfo/templates/settings-admin.php#101
    They all appear to be app related but again is anyone aware of a fix that I might be missing or do I just need to reach out to the apps one by one?

  • Server Config:
  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
  • NextCloud snap version 18.0.6
  • PHP Version: 7.3.18


Bump :frowning:

Are you using the Nextcloud VM?

Using nextcloud snap in a VM, but not the premade VM.