First Nextcloud Meetup (Greece/Athens)

The first Nextcloud Athens Meetup accomplished on June 10, 2017, in
The mood was very friendly and the space appropriate for the Meeting.
We discussed Nextcloud in general, also showing the Nextcloud Box to the attendees.

Christos Kontogiorgas, the Meetup organizer, brought stickers, t-shirts, and brochures. Also, he did an excellent presentation of the Nextcloud basics.

From my side, I did a short overview (or at least I tried) of Nextcloud 12 new features.
What I also observed was the concern of new users about the out-of-the-box experience of Nextcloud. Most of the people have the believe that Nextcloud is for very advanced users of Linux (the server side, installation, configuration, etc.). I think they have a point.

We didn’t have the time to discuss and hands-on in Translations, but we are planning a new Meetup for this purpose.

Duration of the meeting was 2 hours.

Some pictures are following.


Not for the first steps on a local network only. But if you consider running it, you should invest some time. If you don’t want to invest this time, you have to find a provider or someone who does it for you. It’s not a “power it up once and forget about it” solution.

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Yeah, sadly, running a server is hard. The Nextcloud box helps a bit, of course…

Also the Nextcloud Box looks quite complicate to me, in order how to get ssh access etc. with all that snap/ubuntu account thing. I just refer to this and other similar topics: Nextcloud Box - Can't access via SSH

I mean the question still is, if it is actually wanted/possible to create something like Nextcloud for absolute Linux/Network beginners, especially in times where so much things around platforms/operating systems/security changes in high speed. I personally think that a little reading/understand/tinkering around this topics will always be necessary to maintain a secure stable server anyway.

On the other hand. Giving as much people as possible the control over their data and web services into their own hands still benefits from sample fast setup, especially in case of Nextcloud box which definitely has private beginner servers in mind ;).