Firefox upload issues

Hi, I’m new to self hosting NC , but i was very happy because i managed to get it up and running without major issues.
But i ran into a problem that almost got me crazy, here are my installation details:

Running a testing server (2Gb) with UBUNTU Beaver and plesk and installed NC app.
Successfully added a S3 storage as primary.
Using Firefox as my home browser i detected that in a upload of 37 files (jpgs total of 50 Mb) 2 ou 3 had an error (unknown error) and failed to upload.

The status bar stuck before ending, e.g. 50.2 of 50.6 Mb , and checked the sequence and 2 or 3 files are missing every time. After many attempts and google, and after trying Firefox without addblockers and with FF in Safe mode without all extensions i still had the same problem.

I then tried Chrome and at my first attempt every runs smooth. I was wondering might this be some NC bug with Firefox ? I’m i doing something wrong in NC configuration ?

I always used FF without major problems and was really surprised with this, i’m using Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit).

Do you have more specific logs? Would be interesting to know what fails, if it is an timeout or something…

sorry for the delay , i’m now dealing with something that might be related with this but i still don´t know how…

the same thing i had before, the whole system crashing, just turn up a notch… when an android device connects, bam locked out of my server (plesk) , plesk still working mail and websites down, i suspect that there is some kind of blockage probably IP cause i cant even ssh to the server.

Perhaps you trigger a firewall or services like fail2ban. Keep an ssh connection open (or connect through a different server) and check the logs what is blocking or what services crash.