Firefox Pinned Tabs Change-Highlight not functioning

Newly installed NextCloud and it’s mostly pretty great. I’m a long-time LAMP dev and might even get stuck in trying to fix the few issues I have if there’s any pointers on where to start poking the code.

When I have a pinned tab in Firefox and it changes in the background, for almost every site it puts a little blue highlight dot under the favicon to indicate something’s changed.

Somehow this doesn’t seem to be working for my hosted nextcloud. I get a new email, which triggers a browser notification when I’m on the inbox page even. The page changes in the background with the new email but no blue highlight on the pinned tab.

Anyone any ideas why? I’m using the dark-theme and a custom favicon, could it be to do with that?

Also the mail-app’s dashboard widget doesn’t reflect newly arrived emails without a page-reload. Anyone know where I’d have to start looking to try and make it so it does? The talk-dashboard-widget does update so presumably it’s possible.

Finally the Talk-app’s settings has a option for notifications on all-messages, or mentions, or never. The “all-messages” setting doesn’t seem to actually notify for new messages from guest. Is that a known bug? Which repo would I start to look in to fix that do we think?

Cheers for your help.

I disabled the dark-theme and theming addons to check if it was them. Still no blue-highlight on the pinned tab.

Ah, the blue highlight appears when the title changes, so the reason updates to the dashboard don’t cause that is coz the title doesn’t change. Got it.

So ideally the dashboard page needs to change the title to include a count of how many notifications and unread emails there are. Or maybe contain an emoji for email-icon / notification-icon or something.