Firefox NextCloud Password AddIn - Settings => App Password - xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx?

FIrst of all thank You All for this great package of software including the Selfhosted Server option and all the Apps available for it.
I love all that you have created.

I am using a self hoseted server together with Nextcloud Passwords App with Firefox Addon of Nextcloud Passwords.The hole thing works great on my home PC. The entire thing just worked straight out of box.

Now I have run into a little problem when I have tried to connect a second PC with Firefox Addon Nextcloud Passwords.
This second PC is at my workplace restricted by all sorts of Company IT Policies.
I presume, some of these IT policies are preventing me from linking the Firefox Passwords Addon with my Nextcloud Passwords App by using the “Connect with Passlink” from the Apps & Extension section.
So, to set things up manually I have to provide an “App Password” inside Firefox Nextcloud Passwords Addon within the settings.
I thought it would be my Nextcloud Account login details, but the password seems to be expected in a format like “xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx”.
Yet I have still tried to use my Nextcloud Account (https) login details, but it doesn’t seem to be accepted.

My question is:
How do I get this “xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx” password from my Nextcloud server?

Selfhosted Next Cloud Server with Passwords and Talk are the packages I have tried so far, they are all 6 out of 5 Stars in my world…
Great Thank You to All of You again,

Hi Andras,

welcome to the Nextcloud community!

You can create an app password in the Settings in the Security section. :slight_smile:

Best regards


Hi Chris,

Thank you for the help…
I’ve had a bit of an adventurous path to realize where the setting you referred to was to be found.
So, I thought I’d put some details here for others, in case they are trying to find the same thing.

It took some time to realize that there are three (completely different) sections called Security:
… of which two places open up from a place called Settings:

  1. Nextcl. Passwords App Main Screen-> Left Hand Side - Top → Security (doesn’t open from Settings)
  2. Nextcl. Passwords App Main Screen-> Left Hand Side - Bottom → More → Settings → Security Section (this is how I accidentally found passw. encryption, which is also great to have)
  3. User Profile → Settings → Security

Interesting thing is, this App Password is needed to link Firefox Password Addon to Nextcloud Passwords App, hence I immediately defaulted to look into the Settings of the Passwords App, so I couldn’t find it.

Now I know that the the User Profile Settings (under the Avatar - top right corner ) has got the relevant Security, and right at the bottom of that page is where the App Password generator can be found, exaclty as you pointed out.

Chris, thank you very much for the help.
I really appreciate it… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Andras,

glad I could help you. :upside_down_face:

Best regards