Firefox fails while Chromium works with Talk, many problems explained now

I’ve had Nextcloud with talk, running inside a vpn, working just fine for all vpn members throughout 2018 and 2019. I really liked how simple Nextcloud and the group video chat works if I keep Nextcloud restricted to vpn access only. It’s just a matter of installing Nextcloud, installing Talk app, getting everyone on the vpn and setting up their accounts. Everyone from anywhere in the world can then video chat with each other, and in groups. No TURN or STUN servers needed since a vpn behaves just like a LAN.

But then around 6-8 months ago things starting failing for me. Throughout this year (2020), I’ve been practically tearing my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong with my setup. I had to have us switch to using Mumble for voice chat. Well, after months of trying things and failing, I finally found the answer: Firefox is buggy with webrtc and TURN.

All this time I’ve mostly been using Firefox, and when I tried with Chromium, it still failed because I didn’t have all clients try with Chromium.

So for anyone out there who has the following issues, which I’ve already experienced, and just want a simple Talk setup that’s restricted to vpn access only (no use of STUN or TURN servers), these kinds of symptoms with Talk might be fixed simply by changing the web browser that’s used:

  • text works but video and audio will not load.
  • everything works for some users while for other users, the video and audio will not load, while text works for them.

So basically everything on Nextcloud will work except for audio and video.

And here’s a link to a forum in which I found this answer, along with the links the person posted to the Firefox bugs which involve either webrtc or TURN:

Here are the links to the Firefox bugs that this person said may be of interest:

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