Finish *real* migration from Owncloud to Nextcloud


long long ago I migrated my Owncloud installation to Nextcloud (it was version 9) with the official migration tool. It worked and still runs. But, there are still Owncoud fragments left, e.g. the base directory is /var/www/owncloud and the data base scheme is “owncloud”. And I am afraid that is not all. I would like to have an installation like one who started with Nextcloud. So is there a manual which steps to take?


For the datafolder, it is not just renaming the folder, it needs to be changed in more locations:

I would first check if there is something visible from the outside, if internally, it’s in a folder of different name … that’s less important. E.g. for the database tables, there is still a prefix oc_ used instead on nc_

Thanks for the link, but not sure if this matches my case. But I’ll try.