Finding webmail providers

Hi there,
I have been triying to find webmail providers that use nexcloud, it is not easy to figure out, other than signing up to providers left an right.

I will appreciate if someone wants to share a tip, or two,
Thank you

Nextcloud mail is simply a front end. Any provider using it is using something else for the email server.

I dont know what you are actually trying to accomplish?

Nextcloud has an APP which through IMAP and SMTP, is essential its own webmail client. This means that you can use any mail provider, except protonmail unless you are going to fiddle with the bridge on a local machine.

Or are you trying to find a mail provider which uses Nextcloud in their infrastructure?

Yeap, this is my question, How can I find out which providers are using nextcloud.

Thank you.

how is this in anyway relevant.

email is independent from nextcloud. If I want to start a mail service I would have no usecase for nextcloud.

nextcloud is build in php/html which are programming languages and can not send mail.

nextcloud is served with a webserver ( nginx, apache ) which cannot send mail by it self.

mail is being send by a mail server ( sendmail, postfix, dovecot ) which do not relay on a webserver or nextcloud.

If you cannot run a mail server because many ISP block port 25. You need to setup a relay server.

finding a mail provider that uses nextcloud frontend is almost impossible unless they advetise with it.

This is the one piece of information that actually answers my question,
so now I know I am wasting my time looking.

Thank you.