Finder extension vs macOS service architecture

While I do understand that the finder extension is necessary for the overlay icons, the problem is that it only works in Finder. People who are using Path Finder, ForkLift, or any other file manager are left in the dark. And let’s be honest, Finder is one of the worst designed apps on macOS.

I’d like to start a discussion about also providing the actions Share..., Copy private link to clipboard, and Send private link by email as a service. Using the service achitecture these actions would be available to all applications on macOS.

I’m not saying to scrap the finder extension, but merely to add the services as well. The code for these actions already exist, thus making them available as a service should not be very complicated but will increase usability and productivity.

(Please feel free to recategorize this topic, e.g. feature.)

Are there any devs in this forum that have an opinion on this topic?

Apparently, there are several issues with the current NC 2.6.1 desktop App on Mac OS X / macOS.

Please consider to use the bucket list to get some awareness. What do you think?

Happy hacking.

I gave up. Nextcloud won’t stop adding half backed features instead of fixing core issues.
I’m done. Whenever I say something, my feedback is seen as personal attack of whining devs, while in reality I’m stating facts.
Unless a major company which pays tens of thousands of dollars ends up with lost data, nothing is gonna happen and we all have to live with the idiosyncrasies of this so-called dev process.
Most likely this post will be flagged or my user suspended for above opinion. Oh well.

Btw, I’m still using the ownCloud client 2.4.3 (patched for http2) with my personally patched Nextcloud server, because everything that came after that client is too unstable and buggy (including data loss).

Sounds like a good feature to me. is probably the right place to discuss this.

Apple added a new FileProvider API with macOS Catalina. This might be a good replacement for the finder extension:

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I found a feature request, does this match this topic?

In this case, we could end the discussion here and continue on github.

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Feel free to open a feature request. (You can always reference this topic).
I won’t request any new features or report any bugs anymore.

I always get 1) ignored 2) patronized 3) told to code it myself. My statements might seem harsh at times, but they are never personal, non factual, or untrue. The problem is that people who feel personally attacked by a fact, hardly understand the problem, but only react to a ficticious attack. I cannot work in such an environment.

But I wish you all the best.