FileUploader Widget Like FilePicker Widget

Hello Community,

I’ve been working on a custom Nextcloud app for managing tasks within our organization. These tasks often require multiple file attachments. Currently, users are presented with assigned tasks and can attach files, but there’s a limitation with our current setup. Users must first upload files to the Nextcloud server using the Files app before they can link them within our app.

I’m seeking a solution to streamline this process. Ideally, I’m looking for a library or tool similar to Filepicker, where users can select files from their local computer, choose the destination within Nextcloud for storage, and proceed with uploading. If this tool can also return the IDs of the uploaded files upon completion, it would greatly facilitate the file linking process within our app.

Additionally, I’ve found a similar functionality within OpenProject, where files can be linked to their work packages.Could someone provide guidance on how to address this issue within our existing infrastructure?