Filesynchronisation doesn´t work correct with 2 factor authentification


we have problems with the syncronisation of folders with the desktop app Nextcloud. We have installed the app on a windows 10 machine and configured for the user a 2factor authentification over TOTP.

Something the nextcloud client stop with synchronsation. We have to stop Nextcloud application and login again to the storage share of nextcloud and start the nextcloud application again.

After that it works again for a while.

Is there any solutions for that problem? Filesynchronisation and 2 factor authentification don´t work together?

Thanks in advance for yor efforts.

Türkay Caglayan


2FA and file sync work well with each other. It’s important to use app passwords though. Recent Nextcloud clients will set them up automatically for you.

More info at Using two-factor authentication — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation