Filesize limitation Nextcloud AIO and desktop client 1.2 TB possible or not?


Server: Nextcloud AIO (containers updated to latest version)
Windows 10 Desktop client: 3.6.2

I am currently testing out Nextcloud .
My plan is to use Nextcloud as a remote storage for big single image files (+1.x TB). (backup images)

I encounter problems if I add a +1.x TB file to the directory that should be synced to the server.
The client just keep showing “Syncing” and nothing seems to be sent to the server.
If i try a smaller file size like 15GB then everything works as intended.

Is there any know limitation or have i missed some setting?

Google has failed to help me :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am not sure if Nextcloud is suitable to sync 1.x TB big backup files.

You would definitely need to drastically increase the timeout on the server side and I am not sure if the desktop client is even able to do this technically.

Additionally does the Desktop client sync files two-way and not one-way which might not be the best idea for backup files and it does not do delta syncing so it would need to resync the whole file if someting small changed inside.


Thanks for answer.

The files are static. The backup application handle the delta.
The initial full dump is a +1TB file but the rest of the days newer filare are created and they are 1-20 GB.

I had got the impression that the desktop client “chopped” the files into smaller chunks to be able to transfer it.

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I suppose just try it out then. On the server side you definitely need to increase the timeout drastically as I said.

Could you please specify which and where the parameter is?

Didn’t find anything in the admin UI.

Cheers, sometime its easier than you think :slight_smile:
Thought it was in some .php filer somewhere on server…

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Hi, I am interested: did it work?

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